Growing Old

I don't want to see 100, I don't want to live that long
I know others may disagree, and think that I am wrong
But I have enjoyed the life, that thus far I have led
Iíve done the things I felt I must, said what has needed said.

I Might like to see seventy, or maybe seventy-five
Old enough and still I could be glad I was alive
I thought I'd not see thirty, when I was just a kid
But lo and behold, I passed it by, I marvel that I did

My daughter is a mother, her kids are nearly grown
My "crops" of life are now mature, from the seeds that I have sown
I was blessed to watch them all become, the people that the are
And I believe that willing I can pass beyond the bar

They don't need no more my nurturing, or fussing all about
They can guide their own lives now, of this I have no doubt.
And I am growing weary, I am tired of the quest
I've given what I had to give, and richly, I was blessed.

So from this day until my last, whenever that might be
I will simple watch lives great parade, as it's revealed to me
And annually, my birthday, will mark another year,
And then one day my Savior, will whisper in my ear

"Come child, your work is over, follow where I lead.
And I will still your every fear, and fill your every need."
And I will go, with confidence, It is what I must do
And patiently, on the other side, I'll wait to welcome you!

By Sandy Lee (


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