Hearts and Flowers

Hearts and Flowers upon a faded page,
They tell a story once played out on a long forgotten stage.

Little hands painted hearts and flowers on Mommy’s Valentine card with simple love and emotion.
They came running with them down the drive with smiles and lots of commotion.

Hearts and Flowers tucked away in a trunk to be pulled out some day,
When Mommy’s hands are wrinkled and her hair has turned to gray.

Hearts and Flowers on a faded page,
Come alive as little ones now grown play their own lives out on their personal stage.

The Disguises of Cupid

Cupid comes in many disguises all year round.
He comes to your heart silently without a sound.

"Every beat of my heart", tells me that I am alive.
So I must tell others that I love them, for this I must strive.

Every pet has an expression of love whether it is bird talk or a cuddle and a hug.
They show unconditional love as they lay in front of you on their favorite rug.

Vintage lace, red hearts, flowers, cards to name a few.
Expressions of thoughtfulness in various shades of pink and red hue.

A loving touch can bring a smile to a tired and weary face;
Whether in a Nursing Home, Hospital, or other place.

Dew drops on roses or a tear from a special thought.
Valentines can be from the heart and soul and need not be bought.

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)


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