Hello Lord

Hello Lord, Itís me again.
Your old farmer friend.
I hate to bother you so much Lord,
But summers cumin to an end.

I pray you bless the work I done,
When I plowed this earth last spring.
Lord, I hitched the horses to the plow and planted seed,
Just the way you said Lord, Iíve done everything.

Now Iím countin on you Lord,
I done all I know to do.
You sent the sun and sent the rain,
Now harvest is up to you.

I thank you Lord for this old farm,
It all belongs to you.
And thank you Lord for friends and neighbors,
And especially my dog, Old Blue.

Why, Old Blueís the best friend I ever had,
Heís with me from dawn to dark.
If strangers come around that shouldnít be,
Old Blue just growls and barks.

I guess youíre tired of all my rumbling on,
But itís good to have you listen,
But just needed to say thank you Lord,
For all the good things you have given.

Iíll say good night now Lord,
For milkin comes a mite early,
But Iíll be talking to you again Lord,
And Iíll be fine Lord, so now donít you worry.
Faye Reyenga © 12 / 8 / 2005

By Faye Reyenga (freyenga@cablelyx.com)


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