What would I do if I could start over?
When I was young and rolling in clover
So many things I missed in my days
But something always got in the way
If only I could start over

If I had it to do all over again
I would go back to Missouri
and hold my grandma's hand
or walk with my grandpa over the furrowed land
If I had it to do over

If I could, I would make a new start
I'd have a picnic under a tree
and count all the blessings given to me
With you at my side for eternity
If I could make a new start

I'd smile with content at the little things
like the sunrise and dew that a new day brings
I'd have my coffee in the old porch swing
On Sundays, listen to the church choir sing
If I had it to do over

There's not many changes that I'd make
and not many chances that I'd take
There would never be a day I planned
But take each one just the way it came
If I could start all over again

There never seemed to be the time
Even to sit down and write a rhyme
All I want to do now is take it slow
Let my dreams come true before I go
Ah, if I could just start over

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)




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