Standing, watching, looking about,
smiling as so many are overly stout.
Just playing my little game,
so many to me, what a shame.

Ones in a cart, their haunches hanging over,
nearly as wide as the cliffs of Dover.
Gruff, crass and terse with every one
are their words. So terse, meant for every one?

Thin buy health, big buy candy.
Maybe it is, the aisles are too handy.
Snicker and laugh because for that shelf,
a lot of white hairs, besides myself.

Stop and think, use my head.
I am old, surely not dead.
So why not enjoy what we want?
A little late to be the model on the fount.

Live and enjoy, smile and go,
We have lived our lives, done so.
Tell all the skeptics, “go to hell”!
Lived a long life and who do you tell?

© By Tom (

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