My June Garden is blooming! We had more rain than usual during the month of May so this spring's blooms have been spectular. I wanted you to see some of the flowers I grow that bloom this time of year and so I went to work and made this page. I thought some haiku might be good, too, so I asked my friends if they would write some. They did and so I give you my "June Garden and Haiku" page.


By Tom (

flowers in June
garden spot so beautiful
work, aches to make it

beauty from hard work
a garden so peaceful
enhanced natural beauty

smell a new born bloom
how pleasing the aroma
blood sweat and hard work

Marilyn's annual beauty
enhanced by her toil
is she not a rose?

A Single Blossom Peony, Named Cheddar Cheese

By Mercedes (

Spring rain leaves behind
Water beaded daffodils
Like misty kisses.


The whispered scent
Of a summer rose So beguiling
How it lingers.

Double Blossom Daylilies. Bee Balm in the Back.

By Sharon (

Hiding under hair
Of green with its feet in ground
Tastey carrot grows


Red faced tomato
Blushes in bright warm sunshine
Waiting to be picked

Double Blossom Dayliles

By Marilyn-Lara (

humid afternoon -
even the grasshoppers are
taking a nap


full moon and the hoot
of an owl - new shrub plantings
looking like tombstones


delphinums - blue
like the summer sky on a
June afternoon


cool evening breezes
find the honeysuckle and
bring its scent to me


refreshed by early
morning dew, these lily pads
that float so carefree

Oriental Lily


Daylilies with an Eye

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