Long Ago Love

Do you remember when we met?
I do, and I think of your blue eyes
and how your smile made them crinkle
And I fell in love, knowing it was unwise

You were tall, and looked so strong
in your police uniform of blue
I remember talking to each other for hours
You learning about me, and me about you

Some nights your blue light would flash
thru the bedroom window and across the wall
I was out of bed in a flash, throwing on clothes
and running down the stairs and hall

"Hi baby" were always your first words
Softly said in a most tender way
Sometimes a kiss would follow
And you would ask, "How was your day?"

We'd speak of things seemingly unimportant
But I hung on each word you uttered
We'd laugh about such little things
While inside my heart fluttered.

Do you remember? So long ago
but you stay in my memory
Your voice brings those days back
When out of the blue you call me

The calls are few and far between
But your face is plain as day
Each time I hear your wonderful voice
I know our love will never go away.

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)


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