If I were given three wishes
             I would keep them in a box
             For presently, I am happy
             So I could keep my box locked.

             I would not wish for money
             It is only there to spend
             Happiness, I have plenty
             Sharing with family and friends

             My health is good enough
             Just age related I fear.
             I have been happy and sad
             But God is always near.

             With my dear husband
             I have travelled a lot
             I have laughed and Iíve cried
             Yet Iím grateful, for what I have got.

             I have everything I need
             At this present time
             Time to give and time to share
             With those Grandchildren of mine

             But as I walk these earthly roads
             My God is by my side
             And if I need those wishes
             He will help me to decide.

By Doreen E. Hampshire (


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