My Treasure Chest

I'm all grown up now,
No longer a little child,
I've saved all my treasures,
In my toy box, it's my file.

I can go and live each day,
By rambling through my chest,
And I find that every day I do,
It surely was my best.

I like to think that each gift,
Was given to me with love,
The teddy bear was always special,
Of all the others far above.

The pretty hats my Auntie gave,
Made me feel grown up,
But then I think of that special name,
Engraved on my own cup.

I liked to dress in Mother's clothes,
High heels was just the thing,
A little lipstick and some blush,
Enough to make my heart sing.

Oh I thought if only I could be,
A grownup now instead,
Of waiting to grow up,
With all those years ahead.

But then I wouldn't have,
All these treasures in my chest,
So I decided to patiently wait,
These years of waiting were my best.

Each year the memories are greater,
And some day I'll be old,
I then can think of all those times,
And the memories I now hold.

Our lives are like the seasons.
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter,
We live through all the stages,
And adjust to each we enter.

Each thing I've cherished in my life,
Are in my treasure chest,
The rest of life I'll also hold,
As treasures of the past.

So I will cherish all I had,
And cherish all I've loved,
My family and the good life,
Provided from above.

I'm now just living life,
Each day as it comes dawn,
Holding the thoughts I have
Of years that now are gone.

By Faye Reyenga (

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