Pussywillow, pussywillow, spring you do show,
Tufts of gray fuzz, soft and they do seem to glow,
Ready to pop out, ready to grow,
Ready to show all, to start the new show.

Pussywillow, oh my how you make me smile,
For as a child, your were so worth while,
Such a risqué name, oh my don’t blush
Spring rains and pussywillows, do the land flush.

Pussywillow, those gray mittens pop,
Show is springtime and you are the top,
Pop those mittens, show your new green,
Show us your new growth is not in-between.

Pussywillow, pop and grow,
For soon will be time the fields to sow.
Time for spring to flourish and show
The pussywillow did surely know.

(tomWYO, 032105)

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)


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