Remembering You

remembering you......
is like looking thru a veil
your face is there, but it
is hard to make out your eyes,
the little cleft in your chin,
that crooked smile

remembering you......
is something I thought I would do
forever. It would always be clear
but some of the lines are fading
and I try to brush the veil aside
but I can't

remembering you......
is becoming more difficult for me
I still can hear your voice, I think,
it is like thunder, here, then it
fades into the distance
and goes away

remembering you.....
always comes to me in the evening
during the quiet hours
those were the hours we were together
I try to feel your hand in mine
but mine closes on nothing

remembering you.....
I realize this memory is not mine
to keep. The tears flow in frustration
that I cannot see, hear, or feel you
but I know you were there in my life
in my heart
for awhile

By susi Taylor (



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