Running in the Rain

While walking down a narrow path
Through trees down to a spring
It brought back memories of my childhood
As daily I would walk and sing.

I could hear the whispering wind
As it drifted lazily through the pines.
It was almost a ghostly sound
That entered in my mind.

As I sat on the bank of the cool clear water
And watched it rippling down
I heard the start of rain drops
And smelled the freshness
of the rain-moistened ground.

It brought back memories of just a kid
Running barefoot in the rain
I still can feel that wonderful feeling
Each time it comes again.

I guess some memories always linger
Those we want to hold on to.
For when we feel down-hearted
Those memories see us through.

Iíve always loved to see and feel the rain
How it livens up the earth.
How it freshens the trees and flowers
It just gives earth a brand new birth.

My life is getting shorter now
And I no longer run in the rain
But when I start to feeling down
I return to my memories of being a kid again.

© By Faye Reyenga (

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