Summertime Faeries

Sitting in shade of the sycamore tree
Listening to songs of the buzziní bee
Glancing up I chance to see

Glimmering gossamer wings in sunlight
Cute little figures dancing out-of-sight
Are eyes truly seeing right

Might these truly be summertime faeries?
Flitting amongst leaves and dancing on breeze
Few come close enough to tease

Errant mind into truly believing
Still I fear eyes are deceiving
ĎTil in awe Iím receiving

Wee cakes decorated with nature scenes
Secretly dropped from behind leafy screens
Boy what a yummy cuisine

Each little cake had a distinct flavor
This sweet delicacy I did savor
Then they asked me a favor

You whose heart is filled with love; we are sent
To ask if youíll be willing to consent
In accepting this present

If you answer yes, youíll be forever
Changed if you answer no you will never
Recall, the cakes will sever

Your memory of this day so choose well
Time seemed to crawl by while under their spell
Soon I was able to tell

Them the answer they had wanted to hear
Though asleep now my vision remained clear
Yes, I stated without fear.

Tiny twinkling lights danced around my soul
In my mindís eye I was able to stroll
Paths of light to reach new goal

A skin walker I had now turned into
Protector of nature; I now pursue
All who intend to subdue

Natureís beauty be it beast or plant life
Let no human fill nature full of strife
Or Iíll seem larger-than-life

In the forest I now must make my home
Atop Bear Mountain Iíll forever roam
With assistance from cave gnomes

No harm will ever come to Bear Mountain
As long as I live near Mystic Fountain

By Lou Lenhart (


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