I remember what is called "The Good Old Days"
When toys were made at home.
When families spent their time together
And kids weren't left alone.

I remember catching lightning bugs
And the games we used to play.
We entertained ourselves
With fun things every day.

Our house was high off ground
And under it we played
We had blocks of wood for cars
For hours there we stayed.

Played with doodle bugs
And June bugs on a string.
We searched for Four leaf clovers
And many other things.

An old tire swing was in our yard
Hanging there I still can see
But the most fun of all we had
Was climbing that old tree.

We got a candy bar each week
When payday came around
But we had little money
Just to spend in town.

We too were made to work
And earn the things we got.
I now appreciate the things I have
Although itís not a lot.

I still have more than I deserve
Godís been so good to me.
And I still have pleasant memories
Of that old Chinaberry tree.

I still go by the old home place sometime
I guess itís just to see
If all those years gone by
Still have their memories.

By Faye Reyenga (freyenga@cablelynx.com)


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