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Does Hanging Laundry Talk to Each Other? Poetry or prose. Write some conversation or tell us a story about the shirts, skirts, sheets and towels that might be seen hanging on a clothesline.

The Hanging Laundry

By Sharon (

He undies...Hi cutie, didn't I see you hanging around here last week?
She undies...Get lost. you are too much of a swinger for me.

He shirt...Wow! look at that skirt.
Another he shirt...Been looking man. She's mine.

Sheet 1...I know all their secrets.
Sheet 2...Yeah me too. Lots of goings on under the sheets.

Pillow case 1...Hi honey.
Pillow case 2..Pillow talk. That's all you do is pillow talk.

The Hanging Laundry

By Amy (

I used to iron hankies when i was seven
then i grew to be eleven
at that time i was ironing mens shirts and more
at sixteen i bought my jeans at a store

name brands i am not into at all
im old fashioned and i sprinkled those shirts in the humid house
in those days we had no ac nor a computer mouse
I starched and used bluing how about that
we even had to use a wooden bat

old days gone by
i give a big sigh
somethings have improved,
as advances were made
somedays i wish that we could go back
but that gift is not gonna be in santas sack.

The Hanging Laundry

By Dee (

Hello there, I haven't seen you hanging up here before, you must be new. I,m always on here getting blown around. Sometimes in the rain I have even been known to get wet again and I'm often in a tangle. Yet I love it when the sun shines on me. But I have hung up here with the best Crisp white shirts and fancy tops Oh la la. They think they are bettter than us plain sheets At least I am pink. I also see the plain sox very thread bare hung up. they are the poor relations but they like being on show with us lot. Just watch the undies though. They do make me blush, so small so sexy they are, but his undies Oh dear me, so plain and big. Don't really know what she sees in him . Anyway enough of my talking who are you? You do look like a sheet too,but a very small white fluffy one and you have elastic around the edge. Different to me . Anyway I suppose we will meet again soon. Enjoy your day.

The Hanging Laundry

By Cottage Lady (

ďOh, my, hung out to dry,Ē
Said the blouse to the slip,
To the dripping pants and hose,
ďMany hours will pass
While we dance on this line,
Letís have a fling,
Swing in the breeze,
Sing some old songs,
Forget the old wrongs,
Of being flung around
In the drier, higher and higher,
Tangled and hot,
Sometimes in knots,
Letís be of good cheer,
Summer is here.Ē

By susi (

The Hanging Laundry

Tho many years have gone by
I still hang my sheets out to dry
I love to watch them fly in the breeze
Like an acrobat flying on a trapeze
Back and forth, forth and back
The lines are apart so they have some slack

The sun shining on them, the soft wind that blows
Makes them so comfy as everyone knows
Their scent fresh and springy, I'm glad they are mine
Yup, as long as I'm able, I'll hang my sheets on the line.

By Marilyn (

Clothesline Friends

Up and down the clothesline, they were all sporting pins,
Some hanging right side up, some hanging by their ends.
Skirts had it made, dancing and twirling, and flipping their hems,
While shirts had to hang upside down and could only throw their limbs.

"I say there, Mrs. Sheet. You're certainly in the pink today.
I see you're wearing a patch on one side, why so?"

"Oh dear, Flannel Shirt, you would notice such a thing.
It happened when MyLady got in a tangle and ripped me with her toe ring."

"How was the party last night, Dainty Apron?"
Haven't seen you in months, not since Christmas, in fact."

"Why I'm just fine, Shirt, now that I'm clean.
It was a rather wild party, MyLady's dream."

"You're telling me," Dishtowel number 5 yelled from way down the line.
"I'm not naming names, but MyLady's laundry took every bit of the line."

"Overnight guests and four bedrooms to clean.
A second laundry basket will come out and go up where we've been."

"I'm glad I got out first," Shirt says, and looks skyward.
"It looks like we're in for a storm, and the way it's been lately, the second hangout could wind up in a whirlwind."

Old Days Diaper Talk

By Norma (

Here we go again!
Madame hangs us up in all kinds of weather;
Is she compulsive, itís only ten,
She shakes me flat and Iím frozen stiff.

How she stands this Iíll never know,
Only rain will save us, though,
She hangs us wind, heat, over snow,
With wood spring pins and gloves.

Hey, pants, did you get bent out of shape,
Did she pinch your waist or use hangars,
Oh, here she comes!
Loading us like frozen cordwood.

Ah, in the house, donít you feel nice,
Limber and soft and folded twice,
To put back on soft babyís skin,
Only to go through the same again.

Shirt Pocket Story

By Phyllis (

I'm hanging on this line to dry for school next week.
He likes to look nice, for to be a Vet and an education he does seek.

I'm a really nice plaid shirt, his favorite kind.
So I'm hanging in the sunshine to please him; I don't mind.

Oh, look, a little bird is flying around me and checking me out.
I wonder what he is trying to do, what this is all about?

He is in my pocket, oh my oh me.
Here is his mate, it is quite plain to see.

They are going to build a nest right in my pocket for a wee little bird to hatch.
I'm still a little wet; I hope birds can't a cold catch.

My owner came out to fetch me, and he saw the wee little nest.
He won't take me down, as you would have guessed.

When the little one hatches, and they fly away;
He will take me down, wash me again, and off I will go for another school day.

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