The Pup

Shelly begged and begged for a puppy. She was six years old and all her friends had a pet. Her parents were reluctant to get her one. They were sure it would be too much work and that she was too small to care for it. So day after day, they gave her a refusal.

“Shelly, you are in school all day and Daddy and I both work. The puppy would be alone all day.”

“I could take him to school with me.”

“The school wouldn’t allow that,” laughed Daddy.

“But it gets so lonely after school. I need a puppy,” she pleaded.

“Rose is here with you until we get home. You aren’t alone,” Mommy told her.

“Rose doesn’t play with me. She just watches her afternoon shows on television.”

“We’ll talk to her and get her to spend more time playing with you.”

“I really really want a puppy,” Shelly begged.

“It isn’t a good time Shelly.”

“It’s a good time any day, for a puppy,” Shelly cried.

This argument went on for weeks. Mommy and Daddy were getting tired of it and rather irritable about it.

“Stop it Shelly! We said no and we mean no!”

“Ok, then how about you bring home a baby sister or brother for me to play with. Denny has a brother. Carrie has two sisters. I need someone too. So if I can’t have a puppy, bring a baby home.”

That weekend, Daddy and Mommy took shelly to the animal shelter and let Shelly pick out a puppy. Shelly named the fuzzy little thing, Windy.

The next day Denny and Carrie came to see the new pup.

“It worked! It worked! Just like you both said. When I begged for a baby sister or brother, Mommy and Daddy let me have a puppy instead.”

The three friends giggled and giggled while playing with the puppy.

By Sharon (


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