Things that Fly

wasps and bees
and birds that are free
nature paints a photo for all of us to see
somedays i watch the scene with glee

flies like to bug us
we make a big fuss
especially when we are about to eat
the fly's like to eat our treat

they all swoop down
we shoo them around
with our arms and with our hands
I wonder if the flies understand

They are trying to survive
maybe even trying to stay alive
those pesky flies love to annoy us
sometimes they even make us cuss

the solution is this - put some fish
in their own dish
hang a sticky fly-catcher thing
hope they think it is their brass ring

hope they head for that sticky stuff
because we all have had enuough

By Amy (

Flying Away

As I walk
I see a hawk
soaring overhead,
flapping his wings
and gliding
on drafts of wind
higher and higher
into the sky.

An early school bus passes
on a nearby avenue and
memories flash like fireflies
in front of my eyes,
my small first grade boy
waving goodbye to me through
a school bus window
so many years ago.

So it is with children,
this kind of high flying,
ever circling away,
all I can do is stand
helplessly and wave
them on their journey.

By Cottagelady (

Things that Fly

Finches in Palo Verde tree
On flowers a big black bumblebee
Butterflies flit here and there
Ravens soaring high I am aware
Ranger helicopter making noise
A kite in sky some childs toy
Pollen floating upon a breeze
Causing nose to itch and sneeze
Arizona dust devil swirling on by
Brown hawk hunting from low in sky

By Sharon (

Dance of the Butterflies

The rain still poured
So dark was the sky
Another miserable day
then I saw a butterfly.
My prayers were answered
or had a wand been waved.
The dark clouds had passed over
and this butterfly was saved.

Goblets of rain sparkled
twinkling in the sunshine.
Dancing and fluttering,
this butterfly with wings so fine.
It settled on the flower bed
where it rested for a while.
Then I spied another one
Both were so versatile.

They jigged and they fluttered
and both danced together.
Moving only to sip the nectar
in the sunny weather.
However did they kept dry
in the recent heavy rain?
Maybe they found a cosy place.
But that will never be explained.

I danced with the butterflies
as my heart was gladdened
Yes my needs are simple
for they kept me entertained.

By Doreen E. Hamshire (

Things that Fly

Duck, dodge, throw up my hands to defend
things that fly when she gets mad are no end
flying saucers from the table followed by a cup or two
salt and pepper, empty plate are some to name a few

Me I fly trying to evade, to keep from getting hit in the head
as I fly out the door many words wish me dead
to the barn, to the shed to my own little hidey hole
but after she cools down, she withdraws like a mole

How many scuffs and fights, most are never brought to light
but after a half century or so, more fun than fright
now what precipitates those outbursts and not of mirth
did I say something about her girth

dodging and evading, keeps me trim for dancing
on the floor she can be enhancing
for if she is smiling things are calm and rosey
maybe I just need to bring more posies?

By Tom (

A Flying Thing

Girlfriend, lie down, I said to Annie,
Though she cried her fearful whine,
Calm down, I said, but she replied
By shaking her nose and her head.

Puzzled was I, her behavior strange,
ĎTil I saw a shadow fly by,
Larger than a big house fly,
What is that, I shockingly cried.

The thing liked the TV screen, landed
I determined it was a hornet,
I, too, became sorely afraid.
I canít sleep with that thing, darn it!

I suppose it had ridden in on her back,
And for fur, Annie hadnít got stung,
Went I to the cabinet and got the spray,
The thing disappeared when I swung.

I circled the room, shook this and that,
Pointed the spray like a gun,
When I spied it on the wall neath the ceiling,
Shot him, shot him, more times than one.

We had had a battle royal,
I felt sorry for the poor little fellow,
He really meant no harm to me,
But it was him or me, and Iím yellow.

By Norma (

Things that Fly

Time flies in summer
Idyllic days like gossamer
Bubbles float by
Catch the breeze then burst
And are gone.

By Mercedes(

Things that Fly

I'll tell you about something that flies
The airplane with my daughter will take to the skies
She is leaving her home to move far away
For me that will be my life's saddest day
She says she has to find her life
Even tho it costs me strife
So she will be flying high above
Going to meet her new found love
I can't blame her really, 'cause I left one day
But I was so young when I was on my way
I have had her with me for forty five years
But she is leaving despite my tears
One day I hope she'll be flying back
Until then, you all can just call me "Sad Sack"

By susi Taylor(

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