Twilight Time

It's twilight time and.......

I hear the rush of tired traffic,
Imagine cell phones crowding the air
"Do you want McDonald's or Taco Bell?"
"What do you mean Daddy's not coming home?"
"Gotta go - here comes the service road!"

And the smell of onions frying,
A jogger in shorts though it's about 33,
Her little Yorky trying valiantly to keep up,
They both pant.

There's the cream colored hole
In the deep gray clouds, a pink streak
Over the lake - 2 early sailboats in silhouette,
Lovers in a Deep Ellum bar speaking "office."

Macho men in baseball caps plopping
In a picked tapestry chair
With the first beer of the night,
And TV.

Smooth-handed boys and girls fondling laptops
In quiet cubicles and behind locked doors,
Catching up, while sweepers run, phones silence,
And windows twinkle.

Mama puts on a machine load,
Opens the burgers, quiets the young ones,
Maybe tomorrow she'll do mac and cheese,
Just not this weary night - there's homework.

And the moon hangs low
At Twilight Time.

By Norma (


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