Tomorrow for you I will find,
The most perfect of Valentines.
One that will say explicit to you,
The things that I wanted to.

Never could tell you how dear you are,
And now it‘s too late, you are afar,
Afar in your mind but still with that smile,
That warms anyone it falls on a while.

I’ll sign that perfect red hearted card,
“Your Neighbor” with a pen firm and hard.
But right before that I’ll write “I Love You,”
Simple three words, but oh, so true.

You can pass your card around to your new old friends.
I can just see you now with one of your grins.
It’s okay that you don’t my name recognize,
Just thinking of you happy will bring tears to my eyes.

So tomorrow I will take my time,
And find you the prettiest Valentine,
One that will say I’m missing you,
One that will whisper “I love you.”

© By Norma (

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