Through a Veil of Vintage Lace

The veil was old and covered my face
It was made with love and vintage lace
Tatted by my grandmother and worn by a few
I wondered if they loved as I love you

You stood there waiting as I came down the aisle
"So handsome" the thought to my lips brought a smile
February 14th was the perfect time and day
Brought us together in every way

The vintage lace veil covered my happy tears
I was the last to wear it in all these years
Perhaps someday another grandaughter will wear it
If she is as happy as I am, i'll be glad to share it.

"Happy Valentine's Day" is a wish all our own
So long ago, my those years, how they've flown,
As i've wished it so many times as I touch your face
I remember seeing you through a veil of vintage lace

Your Loving Touch

All it took for me to have the greatest day
Was your loving touch as on my cheek your fingers lay
All it takes for me to know i'm your Valentine
Is for me to feel your loving touch and I know that all is fine

Your loving touch from your hands so old
Worth more to me than silver and gold
It's been that way for so many years
Thru times of gladness, and times of tears

Your loving touch has always been there
To tell me that you will always care
Valentine's Day is no different you see
Loving touches keep things good 'tween you and me

By susi Taylor (



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