The biggest heart in all the world
Does not beat inside a human
Humans are conditional
You give me this I'll give you that

Humans ask so much sometimes
For just a little touch of warmth
Some no warmth to give at all
But keep you at arm's length

Worried 'bout their looks
And what the neighbors think
They run in packs like some
Four legged friends,
But there the similarity ends

I have a dog that smiles at me
Don't laugh you know it's true
And feels sad when I am
And knows just what to do

Will come and snuggle right on cue
Plop down so close beside me
Happiness wrapped in fur
I feel better instantly

When I arrive to home at night
He's waiting at the door
No one else in this great world
Could ever love me more

Each day the same - I've been gone
But an hour or two
He heralds me as if I'm coming home
From fighting in WW II

Is he perfect? Not by far
A little humanness in his genes
He'll try to stretch the rules
When he thinks you're not seein'

Overall so innocent
But a trifle to forgive
For the biggest heart in all the world
Inside my dog does live.

By Mercedes (mercedes1947@gmail.com)




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