An Old Rugged Cross, was built from a tree,
It should have been built for you and for me.
How can one say, that they donít care,
When you vision Him, hanging there.

Three nails pierced His flesh,
Each hand and in His feet,
A sword pierced His side,
And given vinegar to eat.

He sacrificed, His life that we might live,
It was our ransom, that He paid,
And it was for us all, because He loved us so,
His life He freely gave.

He could have come down from that Cross,
He had the power we all know,
But to fulfill the plan of God,
To the Cross, He knew that He must go.

He could have called a host of angels,
But knew what He must do,
He loved us all, though we sent Him there,
He still loved me and you.

There are no stairs to Heaven,
No short cut can you take,
All Earthly things youíll leave behind,
When that last trip you will make.

Repent and ask God for salvation,
Use not those foolish reasons,
For Time just may run out,
To make that vital decision.

By Faye Reyenga (freyenga@cablelynx.com)


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