Autumn's Delight

Autumn is almost here so brisk and cool,
And coffee on the deck is such a delightful thing.
Watching the sun rise over the horizon,
And waiting to see what the new day brings.

The humming birds will be leaving soon,
And gardening is just about over.
Time to relax a little and enjoy the season,
And time to smell the roses.

The leaves will soon start to fall,
Like feathers floating in the air.
The colors will be breath-taking,
All the colors of the sunset will be there.

When I walk out in the morning,
The air just feels so nice,
And the closing of another season
Suddenly comes to mind.

We will put away those summer sneakers,
And bring out those toboggans for our heads,
And then at night when going to rest,
Well snuggle up in warm and cozy beds.

I love the freshness that fall brings,
Although its time to let the summer go,
To all the joys that summer brings,
The joys of winter we also know.

Then after a fleeting fall and winter,
Though things have all seemed dead,

Spring again will begin to blossom
As daffodils poke out their little heads.

By Faye (


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