When as a child of eight or nine,
I rode the carousel in the nearby park.
The excitement of the carousel,
Became a special place in my heart.

We never forget the childhood memories,
Of that ride and the carousel swirls,
I always thought it was most fascinating,
Of all I dreamed of as a girl.

It was like a story book romance,
Where you met your special prince.
To ride that beautiful shiny horse,
I've dreamed of every since.

When I met my real life prince,
I thought of him as such.
A prince I met in make believe,
The prince I loved so much.

We lived our dreams together,
And shared our childhood fun.
We even spent some time on carousels,
And took some long time runs.

We like to relive those special days,
We can't just say goodbye to them.
We'll relive them over and over,
Until memories become too dim.

I liked the days of childhood,
And the simple life when young,
When someone took responsibility,
And let you have your fun.

But life doesn't work that way.
There are times when life does change.
When we become grown-up,
And things don't stay the same.

But we'll always have the dreams we saved,
Where we can go back to,
The most important things in life,
That meant the world to you.

So take the time to relive those days,
Ride the carousel one more time.
Storing up more fun and memories,
And how life seemed to shine.

He is my special someone,
My love is his alone,
He is the one I'll only dream of,
Until my days are gone.

We still hold hands,
With a twinkle in our eyes,
When we go for another fun day,
On a romantic carousel ride.

By Faye Reyenga(




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