Oh what fun we had back then, when
There were no worries or cares, and
We laughed and joked and carried on
Nothing meaning anything. Wasn't life fun?

I don't remember ever saying goodbye
We just lived our lives on the fly
Whatever tomorrow brought was fine
I never thought of you as mine

But, when did we say goodbye?
Between us was never a tie
Fancy free and living each day
Saying hello, see you, and going our way

But, goodbye was never said
No reason for tears to be shed
No words from you to make me cry
So why, thinking of you, my eyes don't stay dry?

We still think of each other in our own ways
We talk about those "good ol' days"
Sometimes I simply have to think that I
Am so glad we never said goodbye

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)




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