Looking out the window at the snowfall
Looks like it will never stop at all
First one of the winter that amounts to much
Doesn't bother me, i'm just not into such

Oh, don't get me wrong, I think it is pretty
and it covers the ugliness of the city
At least for awhile, until the melt
There is a winter cleanliness to be felt

Another thing about a winter storm
I can stay inside all cozy and warm
A pot of soup cooking on the stove
Something about that just says love

Being on the computer or reading a book
Going to the window for another look
To see how deep it's getting to be
Ah, not bad, most of the bushes I can see

A winter snowfall brings memories of times past
When we hoped that winter would always last
Down the hills on toboggans and sleds
From the time we got up 'til we were back in our beds

Sitting around the fireplace at night
Anticipating tomorrow's world of white
The first winter snowfall is always the best
After that, the heavens can keep the rest.

By susi Taylor (




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