Do you remember those halcyon days?
I'm sure you do, 'cause how could you not?
I was seven when all I knew was school and play
"Mother, May I?" and "Kick the Can" in the next door lot

I remember that everyday I was late
'cause I fooled around on the way to school
When back then I was only eight
Mrs. Russell slapped my palm with her trusty rule

When I was nine I moved into my present home
With big yards and big trees we were surrounded
All over the neighborhood I would roam
Was a mischief maker for which I got grounded

The years went by, the days were sweet
A Mom and Dad that were always there
A dog named Trixie who would be there to greet
me and hug me like a bear

But things change, nothing stays the same
People and dogs are here, then they leave
Time and fate the only things to blame
Years pass, yet we remember, and we grieve

What would I do without those memories?
Just sit and stare off into space
No one to be here to listen to my stories
But I am here, sixty-eight years in the same place

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)


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