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The poems are the result of a writing challenge.

~ 'Tis Halloween ~



Happy Halloween

Itís October letís have fun
Witches we have seen
Pumpkins are aglow
For tonight is Halloween

Spiders crawling
Skeletons dancing
Ghosts are floating
Halloween is here

Vampires and scary ghosts
Itís trick or treat
Children dressing up
All wanting a sweet

Children dress up
As goblins in the night
Scary ghosts and witches
They give people a fright

Knock, knock knocking
Air is cold and still
Knocking on doors
Is such a thrill

Black cats me-owing
Ghosts are howling
Owls are hooting
Halloween is here

So late, children sleeping
Dreaming of things in the night
Hiding under the covers
For it is Halloween Night.

By Doreen Hampshire (traveller94@hotmail.com)



What is Halloween?

Most church people disapprove
and so do not celebrate.
One of our oldest holidays,
In fact most people hate


It is many thousands years old
and was first the Celtic New Year.
But then along came the Romans
who said have no fear


Pomona was a Roman godess
of fruit and gardens
So we can thank the Romans
for "dooking for apples"


Years ago the church celebrated
"all Souls day" to honour the dead.
people marched through villiages
as ghosts, devils, angels,
filling people with dread.


The church created Halloween
but now they say it is the devil
Most children still like to dress up
yet the church believe it is evil


So now we have gone full circle
and gone back to Celtic ways
worshipping nature and seasons
On this October day

By Doreen Hampshire (traveller94@hotmail.com)




Tíwas Halloweíen Night, and
I want to fright -en
The children who come to the door.

Must find a costume,
Scare up the room,
Head I out to the store.

I bought an eye and a hat,
And the wings of a bat,
And some M & M little bags.

Iíll scare them good,
All the neighborhood,
All dressed up like a hag.

But the little children came
And caught me the same
As I looked every day they knew,

They screamed with fright,
With a terror of delight,
Grabbed candy, away they flew.

Guess I look like that,
Just a very old bat,
Scare children and cats and dogs.

No dress-up I needed,
What I wore just succeeded,
Ah, well, Iíll saw me some logs.

(Tomorrow I'll get my money back)

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)



'Tis Halloween

I hide behind locked doors this night
Keeping house dark without a light
Costumed kids of me will hate
For all the candy I did ate
So I must stay in dark house out of sight

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)




Ghosts and Goblins on the run
looking to have lots of fun
It's their night to howl
they are on the prowl

giggling laughing playing tricks
all they want is to get in their licksM
kids in costumes asking for treats
it is their night just give em sweets

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)




I stopped trick or treating when I was a teen
Those confusing years betwixt and between
But before I stopped, my pillow case
Would be full of candy and I'd fill my face

All of us kids would put on costumes and masks
Go out in the neighborhood and "Trick or Treat" we'd ask
When our cases were full we'd go back home
Change our costumes and back out to roam

We'd go to the houses who gave out the best
Give our mothers the apples and we'd keep the rest
Many a pie we'd eat from that fruit
After trick or treating in our Halloween suits

I must admit most of the candy we got
Were candy kisses that would probably rot
Our teeth, but sheeesh, we didn't care
We dumped all our goodies and then we'd share

I loved the taffy kisses with the peanut butter drops
And would eat them until my mom yelled, "STOP!"
My brothers and sisters would bag up all the stuff
And it was alright, 'cause enough was enough.

By susi (Texaswishr@aol.com)


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