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The poems are the result of a writing challenge.

~ Momma's Dishes ~



Mama's Dishes

The proverbial shoestring was all they had,
When the young pretty flapper married Dandy Dad,
Dishes were the bottom of those two's priorities,
All they could do was stay out of charities.

Now they'd charge on Mastercard or Visa,
But Debt was no option for Dan and Lisa.
Mama from groceries saved a penny or two
To walk to the drug store and buy a few.

Out they came Thanksgiving and Christmas,
Along with the silver plate from a felt box.
Then back in their silence they hid from sight,
Untouched by humans, tho not really locked.

My mama's dishes now sleep in a cupboard,
Tiny red roses all round the borders.
One by one she gathered that whole perfect set
From a Gunnings Drugs near by for her best.

When mama left us, the child with none
Inherited pink roses, and continued tradition,
‘Til modern times with values undone
(And a tiny dining room not for such conditions)

From Pyrex to Corel, and then to paper,
Beautiful Chinette with Holiday borders,
Seating all round the house for football or movies,
Mama's dishes still rest in that cupboard.

Now they've been willed to the next generation,
A single child and China has none,
Don't know how or if she likes pink roses,
Oh, how I hope she'll let them out for fun.

Oh, now I'm now missing Mama's pretty dishes!
And long to remember those Holidays ago
Maybe I'll put on the kettle and invite you,
For tea in pink roses and lace doilies to show.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)



Momma's Dishes

The dishes were a real mismash
Some of the cups no handles had,
Chips and cracks showed their wear and tear.
They were the kitchen dishes on which we were fed.

Other chipped and cracked dishes oh my
Sit under flower pots throughout the house,
But in the dining room oh yes
Those Jewel Tea dishes we did have.

Sort of creamish brown,
with their trademarked little thingys of wheat
For Sunday dinner, or special occasions,
On that big and grand table.

A big separate dining room we had,
Large built in china hutch,
Side board and small glasses cabinet
Highly polished big table.

Hand=-made lace tablecloth
Those dishes did set it all off.
Careful, careful indeed
No accidents on these special dishes.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)



Momma's Dishes

Momma saved her best
For company of elite
On old chipped plates
We as family did eat

Nobody came to call
Who was of that ilk
Even her best cups
Were never used for milk

Now that she is gone
We eyed her very best
From age it was chipped
Just like all the rest

My children are to me
Better than all the rest
They are welcome to eat
On dishes that are best

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)



Momma's Dishes

The rosebuds on the edges were faded,
The dishes were worn and chipped
Cracks appeared quite often
In the cups from which we sipped.

When momma got older she bought
China so fine and white
With a golden edge around each piece
They were a beautiful sight.

But the dishes that were faded
Remain in my memory
Reminding me of the love expressed
In the meals that she cooked for me.

By Frannie (deceased)


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