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I looked at the road, seemed to run for miles
just a rural gravel one out in Happy Jack
stopped and started to laugh and thought,
thought of a thesis topic way back when

Years and years ago they were called corduroy
initially they were made of wood
small trees laid perpendicular to the road direction
hence a lot of bumps, with little dampening

The road ahead was like that,
even cupped out bumps so uniform
running as far as one could see
modern day corduroy, oh gosh the vibration

Teeth chattering, intense car vibrations, fillings falling
those uniform bumps
were they designed by Satan as spite
pay backs for our modern mode of travel?

Grasp the steering wheel tighter, gassed it
trying to skim over them
alas, now I am in the ditch
look who is laughing?

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)




I watched the old test patterns when they ran them late at night
Hypnotized I heard the anthem, as the final closing rite
It was all so new and magical, and I was just a kid
But it’s one of many memories of the things that I once did!

I had a bike that Santa brought me, one my folks could not afford
And the world became a bigger place, on those wheels that I adored
But I never had a skateboard, no computer or I pod
Just a family I could count on, and no question there was God

A block where kids still played outside after street lights had been lit
And new clothes called “handy me downs”, that sometimes even fit!
A mom that didn't work at all, and made us homemade bread
And a dad we didn't argue with, just heeded what he said

But with all the wonders in my world, the one I miss the most
Is the building round the corner, underneath the old light post
Russ tiny little store, on the corner of the block
Far enough to be adventure, close enough that we could walk.

And somehow within its framework, though it really was quite small
We could meet our friends, buy groceries, and the owner knew us all
If your mom needed something, you could charge it till payday
We could buy a penny candy before we went to play.

Yes, the world is very different, from the one I used to know
And the neighbors aren't as friendly as they were so long ago
Now our food and clothes and medicines, plus good gosh a whole lot more
Come from the local Wal-Mart, not the friendly corner store

By Sandy Lee (dewdotsag@aol.com)




Oh the road was dirt and bumpy at times
but I was in a mood oh so divine
this was a treat most every sunday
to go for a ride somehow someway

if i got bored on this ride
I would sing or talk to clyde
then a wonderful thing was made
those crazy signs by BURMA SHAVE

we got such a kick out of those sayings
even the ones that promoted prayings
i googled them and they are online
if you care to do that youll have a good time

going back in history
on a gravel dirt road full of mystery
remember the discoveries that you made
when reading burma shave sayings in the shade
possibly sippin lemonade

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)




I used to ride my horse "Nibs" bareback when I was a child. One day, I decided to take a dirt path, which I often had walked, up to the road where my currant crush lived at the time. He didn't feel the same about me. Well, that dirt path was steep. It was good to walk on with the sure feet of a child. But It wasn't a good path to go up while riding without a saddle. I had to hang on to Nib's mane to keep from sliding off. We made it ok, but darn! The boy wasn't home.

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)


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