Sitting Waiting

Sat on a bench just inside the store
puzzle book in hand, thinking of no more
into the puzzle ever so deep
trying to get the flow of the set

“Hi, I am Joseph Fellows, who are you?”
the tiny voice beside me announced
Looked around and down
“Name is Tom and how are you?”

He looked me up and looked me down
“My grandpa works the puzzle in the paper,
do all grandpas work those puzzles?”
His expression so stern, serious indeed

“Don’t rightly know, I like to for
they make waiting pass by faster.”
He squinted his eyes, not satisfied
“Do you work crosswords?” I asked.

“I am four and I do not bother mom
or my grandpa when they work them,”
he stated in his best man like voice
“Want to help me?” I asked

Found an easy simple one
he climbed on my lap and we began
do not know how long it was
but we surely did have some fun

Brought back to real life and reality
when his mother came to pick him up
“I have been helping Tom, we have
done pretty good,” he told her

I stood and doffed my cap
“Smart young son you have here
made the time fly by,
and you two have a nice day.”

My wife had been watching from afar
after the boy and his mother left,
“Poppa, you enjoyed that!”
I grinned, “Want an ice cream cone?”

By Tom (



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