When you see the fairies tripping
A light fantastic among the dragon flies,
And night birds call to singing dogs,
As they meet in sunshine real time belies.

Easter eggs have cracked and hatched,
Organdy is hanging back for another special day.
Time to start your own new life
Farewell old man, on to bright May.

Take stock!

When the store boys sweep their brooms from aisle 3,
Popped bags of peat moss and broken terra cotta,
Bistro tables and umbrellas replace
Book bins and candy and logs like potahttas

Youíve got to buy a new grass rake,
Toss the bent one with the slipping handle,
Duct tape the garden hose one more time,
For bugs and ants, light citronella candles.

Then breath the wetted air after rain,
Lie back in the day where there be not too cold nor heat,
And eat new cream sickles, drink iced tea,
Wallow in the pastel colors, hear spring music beat.

Persephone loves you, she sings old-new sounds,
Outside warm fireplaces, music gathers,
Childrenís scooters rattle and little voices laugh.
A symphony of new, new, new, now that matters.

Itís Spring!

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)


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