Sunday Morning, October 9th

quiet this morning after the snow
limbs so heavy, lot of them broke
snow deep, been melting though
boughs so bent, hope not broke

first storm of the fall hit yesterday
early in the morning, twas really OK
then a small flake or two
as the wind from the north started to bring it in

flakes got larger and larger they did
slowly the grass was a white rug
then the green trees began to get a coat
soon the firs were all so white

heavy the snow, sticky it was
as it continued to come down and stick
build up on trees and bushes
after lunch they were all a sagging

quiet the morning after the snow
time to shovel, time to plow
soon there will be hustle and bustle
life goes on as the chain saw whistles

got some moisture but lots of damage
but then, what else is expected
hello fall and warm clothes
hello some mulled cider

By Tom (


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