Rose was sitting on her front porch, sipping a glass of sweetened ice tea, when she saw Ilka walking up the sidewalk to her house. “ Ilka what are you doing here?”

“I have a favor to ask of you.”

“What is it?”

“Well actually, it is for all the gals.” By all the gals Ilka meant the Tuesday afternoon book club. There were five ladies in all. They had been meeting every Tuesday for three years to discuss books they were reading. There was Rose, Ilka, Jennie, Marge, and Leah. They would discuss the book they were reading and if any of the others thought they might like to read it, it would be loaned when the reader was finished with it. The ladies were all in their seventies.

“Well, what do you have in mind?” asked Rose.

“You know about the town’s Easter Parade, I am sure. Reverend Mike wants to have a church float in it. He suggested we ladies might like to dress up in old time Easter outfits and ride the float. We would wave, and toss wrapped Jelly Beans to the children along the parade route.”

“Oh that sounds like so much fun. Lets ask the others.”

So on Tuesday, when the gals got together, Ilka brought up the subject of the parade float. Everyone was excited about doing it. They discussed how they would dress and Rose suggested pastel colored dresses designed southern style such as was worn in Gone With The Wind.

Marge jumped in with the idea of making their own Easter bonnets. Again, everyone agreed to it. Leah said she would furnish baskets of flowers, since she owned a florist shop. Jennie promised to go out shopping and find enough bags of Jelly Beans, so they could pre wrap about ten to a bag. It would have to be several hundreds of Jelly Beans.

The ladies spent the following two weeks, designing their bonnets. They found what they wanted in dresses at the local bridal shop, which specialized in frilly wedding party dresses. Each lady was going to wear a different color dress.

Rose was having a problem with designing her bonnet. Finally she decided on a straw hat, and decorated it with fresh flowers and ribbon. When the day of the parade arrived, they all met at the float the church auxiliary had decorated, and climbed aboard.

The parade started, and the ladies were kept busy tossing little packages of Jelly Beans to the children along the route. All was going well, until a teenage boy, hopped onto the float, grabbed Roses bonnet and hopped back off and ran. Rose could do nothing about it, so she stuck some flowers in her hair for the duration of the parade.

Later, when the parade was over, The ladies rode back to the church and were surprised to see, Rose’s bonnet atop the head of the Statute of Mary. Everyone laughed to see Mary wearing a bonnet from the era of Gone With The Wind.


By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)


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