Spring is almost here,
I feel it in the air.
The birds are chirping happily,
Enjoying without care.

We have rain in our forecast,
And some could bring us storms.
But we can use the rain,
Just hope it brings no harm.

I love the state I live in,
The seasons always change.
Spring and summer, fall and winter,
Like playing a brand new game.

The trees are budding out,
They will make a nice cool shade,
Putting on new green leaves,
And a place for birds to play.

Our world is such an amazing place,
And so many things are free,
At least the most important things.
To be what we want to be.

The jonquils are almost gone,
Getting a bit too late for them.
But others like the tulips and such,
So bright in color just like gems.

The humming birds will soon appear,
And look for us to feed,
Just looking for that nectar,
That they so desperately need.

I like to watch the bees,
As they get nectar from the clover,
It brings back memories of the days,
Like living them all over.

We searched the clover for four leafs,
We got a thrill finding each one.
Today our kids have too much time,
To enjoy whatís really fun.

Itís getting late now,
The day is almost gone,
But tomorrow is another day,
While Just enjoying home.

By Faye Reyenga (freyenga@cablelynx.com)


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