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The poems are the result of a writing challenge.

~ The Old Scarecrow ~



The Old Scarecrow

"oh my, now what do I do?
my summer job is over
and it's getting cold out here"

the scarecrow had been hanging
out in the corn and pumpkin field
four months in the weather

he did the best job he knew how
waving his arms at the blackbirds
shaking his legs at ground critters

he hung there in the Summer
thru the wind, the rain and heat
and now, Autumn is here

really a mindless summer job
but gee, he was well suited for it
his head being made of straw and burlap

no brain, no heart, no courage,
just a put together cornfield effigy
tied to a piece of wood

his seasonal job is finished
the winter winds will blow
next year he will be brand new

By susi (Texaswishr@aol.com)



The Scarecrow

In my old working clothes
that are ragged and worn.
I stand so tall and still,
because I am so forlorn.

You see I have no friends
and no one loves me.
I frighten the children
and the birds you see.

I just stand there
with my arms held straight
in the middle of a field
looking such a fright.

If I could, I would love to be,
a friendly soul, and I would smile
at all the children, and the birds
as they visit me, and stay a while.

When I come back to earth again,
A scarecrow, I would not be.
I rather be a clown, with a smile
and always be happy, you see.

By Doreen Hampshire (traveller94@hotmail.com)



The Old Scarecrow

Who do I think I am fooling
Outside in October a cooling
I try to scare the crow
But they all seem to know
That I am no good at all at ruling

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)



The Old Scarecrow

Down by the garden, he stands his watch so happy.
I will admit, he looks a little sappy.

The old crow knows he is not for real.
He eyes some corn for to steal.

Who does the old scarecrow think he’s fooling?
Mr. Crow is ready to eat, and from his beak he is drooling.

Just a few grains here and there.
What is the harm, as the old scarecrow gazes a blank stare?

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.com)



The Old Scarecrow

A pair of jeans, an old work shirt
A bale or so of straw
An old flour sack to make his face
He looked like old grandpa

We sewed some gloves on to his shirt
A belt where it should be
And hung him in the old cornfield
But dang he looked lonely...

We went got a dress of ma's
and a pair of pantaloons
Her face and legs of flour sack
Fanny and bust : balloons...

We took her out right next to him
-Watched closely by the crow
But soon he wasn't near as brave
As her skirt begin to blow

Her pantaloons her spindly legs
Began to flip and flop
The crow was nearly scared to death...
When her bottom went pop, pop!

By Sandy Lee (dewdotsag@aol.com)



Old Scarecrow

Daddy used to say “I love you THIS much,”
And his great wide arms would flay
Then he’d smile so big and bright,
Junior’s cares would all fly away.

How could it be that just a phone,
Would cause little Junior’s sunny day,
To turn his tiny heart to tears,
Daddy had been called away.

“Mommy, can’t we go to Aferganisten?
My daddy I want to follow,
I can carry, too, a gun,”
Mommy fell silent and hollow.

Junior so lonely and sad,
Found a friend he never knew he had,
For out in the cornfields that Daddy planted,
Lived old scarecrow whose arms were spread.

Finally, the day came when Daddy
Came back to find Mommy alone,
Where’s Junior he anxiously demanded,
“Oh, he’s out sitting by Scarecrow, his home.”

“He said you loved him like the arms of the scarecrow,
So that’s where he spends most of his time,”
Daddy grabbed Mommy’s waist and ran,
Junior has real arms now and is fine.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)



The Old Scarecrow

in the corn field i did go
oh my goodness the maize is slow
it winds around in circles it seems
I wish I had brought my flashlight beam

A person at dusk went astray
they called nine one one to say
I have a child and we can't get out
Please help us,I will shout

then they spotted that old scarecrow
not one but three in a row
to guide them so
they quickly got out of there you know.

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)



Old Scarecrow

Halloween in a couple weeks
been standing here since middle of summer
trying to scare pesky birds away
all I did was be their perch

Fall is here and so soon
corn stubbles all that remains
snow and rain, wind too
will tear me apart, not a lark

Served my purpose, tried my best
this old scarecrow was not the very best
tuft of straw, couple old boards
worn out zoot suit

Soon I will be blown down and gone
just a fond memory for young children
so smile, laugh and dance around
trick or treat and others meet.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)




The temperature starts to drop,
Clouds scurry swiftly overhead
As though on a winged migration
To head south for the winter
And escape what’s coming.

The wind whips and scissors
Pieces of leaves that fly and fall
Thick like heavy rain in the air,
There is an ominous tang in the atmosphere,
That I can taste and smell.

If I shout out in fright, I fear
The wind will tear the words out of my mouth
and send them down the street,
Perhaps to startle some unsuspecting soul
With their shocking blueness.

There are clothes a neighbor has hung out to dry that
Appear ready to fly right out of town,
Perhaps to settle on scarecrows in some
Nebraska cornfield that might be adorned
In shorts and tank tops or Levi’s and Cowboys tee shirts.

By Cottagelady (Patience@bresnan.net)


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