The Reluctant Leaf

Autumn brings the cooler weather
Also falling leaves
Reds and browns, so colourful
But only one survived
He was the last leaf on the tree
For the tree was almost bare
He still held on, looking all forlorn
He was the only one that sat there.

The other leaves, hurled and twirled
They also did glide and slide
As he saw the others tumbling down
The reluctant leaf just cried.
The sun did try to move him
The wind it did blow
Then along came a storm
But that leaf did not conform.

It clung on for all its worth
Even though summer had gone
The other leaves lay on the ground
They knew their work was done.
For autumn season was here
And the leaves were past their best
So finally after a couple of days
The reluctant leaf joined the rest.

By Doreen Hampshire (


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