The Snow Poems


Snow deserves a poem
about the world in monochrome
at dusk, as twilight fades
a black and white photograph is made.

The laden pillow above shakes
small feathers down to envelop
the now all but etch-a-sketch
landscape below.

Color has faded from the pristine scene
as though Kodachrome
has not yet been invented,
black and white serenity
the soft and whispery silence of


White Out

The day began with a blizzard,
snow falls heavy and rapid,
blowing and drifting,

Clouds are heavy and
hang low as though waiting for
someone to reach up and milk them,

Others more darkly ominous
on the distant horizon
presage more weather to come,

Clouds fly over the land
as though vying with each other
for frequent flier miles,

Gusts of wind flatten
the treetops
like crew cuts,

Other gusts whip
the lake’s waves
into white caps,

We wait all winter for a rebirth,
the advent of renewal
though it be slow in coming…

I worry about the slickness underfoot
the biting wind, and
the frailty of feathered things,
the fright of ice in life
both on the earth and in men’s hearts.

© By Cottagelady (


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