Did you ever think about your walk
through life, about your talk?
An old Indian proverb denotes
The tracks you leave is the life you wrote

I remember when I started to write
I was twelve, a poet's future in sight
My writing would fly 'round the world as birds
There would be nothing greater than my words

But, as happens, the world gets in the way
And you find that you have nothing to say
But the words are resting in the back of your mind
"I'll be known forever by the tracks I leave behind"

Now, time goes on and you again, the words discover
You'll take pen in hand and write one after the other
And the poet in you is like never before
Some poems you keep forever, others fall to the floor

So write something, anything each day that you live
Remember a poem is something you can give
to a world that is always welcoming the new
And the tracks you leave behind is how they remember you

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)


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