As I sat there by my window,
On a cold and frosty day,
I saw the first big snowflake
As it floated by my way.

I felt all safe and warm inside,
As I snuggled in my chair,
As though angels' arms were round me,
Giving me their special care.

I saw a redbird perch upon the tree,
Its beauty so bright and red -
And I thought of how Jesus cared for me,
Nailed upon that cross, His blood for me He shed.

The winter snow showed me His purity,
The redbird was His blood.
The songs the birds were singing
Were angels' voices up above.

Now when I see redbirds,
I'll also see the cross.
I'll thank Him for salvation,
For I was doomed and lost.

As we see the snow and cardinals
Of winter, may we always be reminded
Of His great love, purity and sacrifice.

By Faye Reyenga (freyenga@cablelynx.com)


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