Dreaming innocent, such beauty
Such a lovely young girl
The first face of women
Her golden hair in pin curls
But young faces blur and change
This then becomes a living face
So good to look upon, that face you made
Which is patience and tolerant, at a quieter pace

The face is now aged, courage in every line
A face that is ninety-one years old
A serene face of an aged lady
Still lovely with a heart of gold
The face of the past, with winkles galore
She has been loved, but the lines they stay
For although time has taken away the bloom
Her golden hair has also turned to grey

This is the face of one who has done much living
Who did marry, and bore children
She has learned the understanding of life
While making acquaintances with dying
She has worked hard and struggled
Knowing both success and failure
Been disappointed and received rewards
Yet has had so many adventures.

For life can be so frustrating
But also it is marvelous
So whatever she may have done
Her life may have been so gracious.
Yet courage, kindness and wisdom
These are all mirrored in the face
Of olden people who have gained
A special beauty, no one can replace

By Doreen Hampshire (




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