Members of our message board share their Valentine poems.




Distorted heart drawn on a card
Scraggly white trim much like lace
Printed in big messy letters
I love you from a happy face

How I enjoy this hand made card
From a grandchild lovingly made
Much better than any other
That someone from a store had paid

The card is wrinkled from handling
Mistakes erased over and over
But a Valentine card made by child
Puts me in a field of clover

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)




Let me wake you with a kiss
As I bring you breakfast
Let me take you by the hand
For I want our love to last
A single red rose
I want to bring to you
Fresh from the garden
Covered by morning dew.

Love makes no promises
Yet I want to hold you tight
I want to kiss and cuddle you
All through the dark night.
I want to kiss your angelic face
While sunflowers grow tall
I want to hear soft music
Whatever may befall.

Until all rivers run dry
And rainbows evaporate
The flowers turn to dust
I want us to celebrate
I want you in my arms
as we watch the sunset
I want to watch the stars
And have no regrets.

By Doreen (traveller94@gmail.com)



49 of THESE

oer the years
I have shed tears
I have smiled
with mouth opened wide

forty-nine cards I kept most of them
as I reflect I give a big grin
some folks do not ever receive
a card made with artistic ability

I have received oer the years
cards that made me smile and ones that brought tears
words on a card shouting out love
words on a card saying God is love

candy and flowers
although nice for a few hours
cannot even begin to take the cake
of words on a card that someone can make

they can buy construction paper and a bit of lace
they can write words in ink to put a smile on a face
a dab of glue
just for you

they can purchase a card at a store
that says exactly what your heart longs for
so on this special valentine's day
pick or make one that doth say

the exact words that are in your heart
whether you make it or it comes from the mart
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you
God loves us all and he loves you too

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)




Around her neck the heart would lay
gold, with rubies shining bright
a gift from her love on Valentine's Day
she never even took it off at night

She wore the necklace with pride and love
rising, falling, with every breath
now it is in my treasure trove
where I put it after her death

Inside a box on velvet red
old, with rubies all aglow
the necklace now is mine instead
given by Mother long ago

By susi (Texaswishr@aol.com)




I remember a box of candy
and a bouquet of roses. Red
they were, with a ribbon of white.
I remember we went skating
at Flint Park that night

I remember holding your hand
and you looked at me. Sweet
you were, with the bluest eyes.
I remember the ride home
under cold, midnight skies

I remember your kiss goodnight
and it was so hesitant. Tender
you were, t'was my first kiss.
I remember I fell in love
I never knew such bliss

I remember, it was long ago
and in the wintertime. Warm
you were, you held me tight.
I remember, "I love you"
It was a magical night

I remember your face today
and it has never changed. Not
for me at least, and never will.
I remember my first love
You are that love, still

By susi (Texaswishr@aol.com)




Once a little girl too plump,
By her schoolmates was scorned and blamed
Still she hoped the Valentine box,
Would have just one to bear her name.

Year on passing year and yet,
No Valentine did little Betsy find,
Tho braces and diet had changed her,
She always seemed left behind.

But Betsy grew not bitter,
Like some of the unwanted do,
She looked at those around her,
And Valentines made not a few.

She has become the Valentine angel,
Who quietly leaves on some ugly’s desk,
A heart secretly reading “You are loved,”
Now you know all about the rest.

Here and there a face lights up,
Their own red envelope so bold,
Betsy gets more from her secret visits,
Than a human heart can hold.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)




Once upon a time
I learned to rhyme.
Then I made a poem
But I left it at home.
Which was best for me
For what I could see.
It said "I love you dearly,
Which you can see quite clearly.
So you give me a chance
And take me to the dance."
It didn't go very well.
He told me to go to hell.

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)




Hearts and Flowers upon a faded page,
They tell a story once played out on a long forgotten stage.

Little hands painted hearts and flowers on Mommy’s Valentine card with simple love and emotion.
They came running with them down the drive with smiles and lots of commotion.

Hearts and Flowers tucked away in a trunk to be pulled out some day,
When Mommy’s hands are wrinkled and her hair has turned to gray.

Hearts and Flowers on a faded page,
Come alive as little ones now grown play their own lives out on their personal stage.

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)




At this Valentine's season,
Saying "I love you" needs no reason.

To all the family & friends I've loved and lost,
My path has been made richer which you have crossed.

As I think back across the years,
I've been truly blessed by their lives and brought to tears.

Why do you have to go so young?
You have a song to sing that hasn't been sung.

My heart yearns to see you once more,
And talk of things from days of yore.

I miss you and love you with all my heart,
Why must we be so far apart?

One day we shall meet again on that golden shore,
And we will be Valentines ever more.

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)




It was two weeks before Valentine's Day would arrive.
The young girl was lonely and an ad for the newspaper did contrive.

Heart for sale to the highest bidder she wrote.
No, my dear young man, this is no joke in case fun you think I poke.

I'm tired of the dating scene and being alone at Valentine's Day again.
Is placing an ad to attract love such a sin?

Please call if you wish to get to know me better.
Or, if you wish, you can write a letter.

Please respond by Valentine's Day Eve,
And, no, I don't have something up my sleeve.

Another lonely Valentine's Day I can not bear.
I look at happy couples around me and try not to stare.

I just want to have a boyfriend on my arm for the season,
And my heartfelt wish, is the reason.

If you are looking for a girl to call your own.
Please write or pick up the phone.

A better Valentine bargain you will not find.
This girl is a lovely one of a kind.

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)




As I go through my day, my life, I think of many things.
If you live to be of an older age, many things to the table life brings.

The past is over, the future is uncertain, and all we really have is the present.
Actually the moment is key to being happy, live in the moment, that is my intent.

Can't help but think of those important in our lives throughout the day.
Whisper a prayer for those on your mind as their needs you survey.

The moment, yes that is a true gift you can cherish each day as the calendar flips away.
Take time to smell the roses of life in their fragrant bouquet.
Don't forget this Valentine's Day to say, "I love you" to family as we know not how many moments we have left to share.
Don't forget to let them know that you really care.

Happy Valentine's Day

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)


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