Smile, wave and show good cheer,
Valentine's day is almost here,
Look for that special card,
Find a present that shows your feelings.

The cold windy January days,
The deep snow that has come your way,
These will turn to thoughts of love
As we approach Valentine's day.

Bright red colors all about,
Hearts, flowers and candy think about,
Of a present so personal,
For her on Valentine's day.


Sound the trumpets; give a round of cheer,
For Valentine's day is near.
Ignore the snow and the cold,
Let your closest one know.

Think of pinks, think of reds,
Think of your loved one oh so near.
Think a gift to give,
Then buy something appropriate.

Buy her candy, buy a card,
And buy her one red rose bud.
Then with a gift oh so dear,
Make her remember, way back when.

Woo and treat her dear,
For she is the love of your life,
The one you selected from all the rest,
The one you asked to be your lover for life.


I sheepishly smile and say hello
As I hand you a box with a big red bow
You scoff and look about
You take it and blush a bit.

“Will you be my Valentine,”I do ask,
You roll your eyes and turn away.
As you walk you extend your arm
And hand me a white envelope.

I thank you and then run away
Going to my secret place.
I open the card and smile I do,
For a valentine you did give to me.


The sky is blue, the clouds are white,
As you know I have no might
And I surely am not tight,
But when I think, I get fright.

Inside I smile and hope you will say,
Hi to me on Valentine's Day,
You are my joy, my delight,
But I cannot keep you in sight,
But I do admire you, and hope . . .

A rose for you
I give with my affection,
And a Red Heart-shaped box
Of chocolate confections.

This card it says it all
And I give it with my affections,
Don’t laugh at me, oh please
Will you my Valentine be?

By Tom (




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