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~ What I Like About Fall ~



Ah, the Signs. Tis Fall

That feel is in the air, what or how I cannot tell
only the feel, that special one, it is fall I feel today
has been so sticky hot, chores of summer I hate a lot
mow and trim, wash and clean just to mention a thing or two

The feel of fall, time to relax, time to sit back and heck, just rest
ripe apples, no mowing to do, hard cider and to the woods
raking is a downer I know, yet it signals thoughts of snow
in my recliner, reading a book, mug or glass, near at hand

Fall is not hot and sticky, warm days that feel so good
cool the evenings and night for sleep
relaxation otherwise not at hand
football and large pumpkins at hand

Stack of wood for the fireplaces so hungry
know the frost will get the veggies
only a few flowers will then remain
prairie is brown, even bugs snuggle in

Fall is my favorite time of year
well, . . . maybe because it is here,
yeah I know spring is neat,
but spring is indicative of all that work and sweat.

So hello fall, time to look about
trees turn bright colors and lose their leaves
football game, comforter on the bed
mulled cider and pot of beans simmering.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)



An Autumn Day Walking in the Park

Aspen and Cottonwood leaves
glow yellow, golden orange

then change to rust, crumble
into shadows of themselves,

and fall from trees;
grass and fields are leached

to brown, laden with dropped
twigs that crunch underfoot.

Sunlight diminishes
day by day.

Despite this my spirit
expands to drink in

such beauty as in no other season,
stores it, hoards it, so that

somewhere beneath the skull,
it is always autumn.

By Cottagelady (Patience@bresnan.net)



It's Autumn

The trees are shedding their garments
and they are feeling sad.
Yet they give us different colours
So should be feeling glad.

Such beautiful yellow and orange
which make a lovely hue.
Making us a beautiful carpet
with gold and crimsons too

They work so hard in the summer
providing flowers galore
Now is the time for them to rest
We know it is there lore.

So you rest awhile till springtime
While God warms the wintery earth.
Then when you do awake again
It will be the end of dearth.

By Dee (traveller94@hotmail.com)



Here's to Fall

With Fall I feel the freedom days,
Coatless, cool, and beef stew days,
Tinges of soon to be a colored craze,
Children’s voices, in outside plays.

Choose to rake or let it drop,
Leaves to mulch or compost rot,
While dreaming lazily, working not
Pumpkins and scarecrows, décor not a lot.

Smell of the earth, onions open doors frying,
Outdoor cooks start bragging “or lying,”
Walking neighbors, cookies buying,
Here’s to Fall - ‘ere winter’s dying.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)



The Shortness of Autumn

In the Autumn of my years, my view on my favorite time of year has changed a bit.
I think of the Winter to come, when snow and ice will spit.

The cold, damp, dreary days loom ahead in all their dismal glory.
So, the short Fall season has a forthcoming story.

Jack Frost comes with cold and bitter winds.
This to my spine a cold chill sends.

I enjoy the lovely days of Fall in all their splendor,
But Winter days it will give way to and render.

By Phyllis (Starbird55@comcast.net)



What I Like About Fall

Amber autumn afternoon
Adagio to reckless June
Gradually fall snips away
The green the grass the summer hay
Surrender to her tenderly
Her twilight days
Her dwindling light
Wrap yourself in her Harvest Moon
And dream inside her warm cocoon
Embrace these dazzling autumn days,
For too soon...winter.

By Mercedes (mercedes1947@gmail.net)




The winter wind, its icy chill
Lays all that’s in it pathway still
And covers with a mantle white
The world that is within our sight.

Its chilling bite lays dormant trees
Brings delicate flowers to their knees
And all at rest, for winters reign
Will blossom with the spring again

When gentle winds of springtime blow
Their warming rays all nature knows
They melt the snow and drench the land
And all is as our Savior planned.

The new buds leaf the mighty tree
The crocus bloom for you and me
And man renewed by winters rest
Rallies to the new conquest

The summer breeze, that cools a brow
Rustles leaves upon the bough
Refreshes us with gentle care
And carries home our whispered prayer.

We shelter ‘neath the mighty trees
Rejoicing at the gentle breeze
It comes and goes, not at our will
And moves the soul, we thought was still.

Then blustery it comes in fall
And blows the trees that stand so tall
And they let loose their crown of leaf
Submitting, without fear or grief

And harvest clears the fields, is done
All nature orchestrates as one
As winds of autumn dance and sing
And winter waits, just in the wing.

And so the world the winds, it knows
But not from where each gale blows
But always with us for its reason
The winds of life, each to its season

The wind it travels everywhere
It touch life both here and there
Its spirit we as man applaud…
It is, I think, the breath of God

The seasons of the year commune,
Each sings it's song in perfect tune
And each provides its own delight
But none more lovely than the sight
Of Autumn's harvest moon!

By Sandy Lee (dewdotsag@aol.com)



What I Like About Fall

When we lived back east fall was great
we went on rides bought apples to bake
We went to the mountains to the woods
we gathered pine cones whenever we could

We went to the park, to feed the squirels
my son loved to chase after their fluffy tails
He loved to feed them popcorn or crumbs
He would even say howdy to a bum

He loved the park with the rolling green hills
and when fall came he loved the airs chill
He loved to jump in the pile of leaves
screaming with delight,can I do it again please?

The red and yellow and brown leaves fell to the ground
The sound of feet crunching was all around
the next time you view this wonderful season
think of some places that for no reason

do not have a fall like they have back east
or that have eighty degrees for their THANKSGIVING FEAST
send them a photo bring back a memory
send them just one red maple leaf or tree

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)




(or, the death of September)

what do I like about Fall?
nothing and everything as I recall
other years where it hardly came at all
and left us feeling as tho' in a pall

some years the colors are warm and bright
other times when the day is dark as night
while September's rain keeps Autumn out of sight
and we can feel the chill of the Winter's bite

but then, there are the years like now
when thru the trees the wind does sough
promising to paint color on every bough
and I love it when it keeps its vow

September sees the beginning of the end
Summer is over, Fall and Winter's 'round the bend
When against November's gales we must defend
I can't wait till Spring when we begin again.

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)


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