To be honored by one's peers
One learns throughout the years
Is the greatest of honors one's cohorts can bestow
Does it mean that they have seen you grow?
If that is so, it is with much gratitude
and an humble mental attitude
That I accept this honor today
to be hung right next to my
jean baptiste pierre antoine de monet!
While this is not an Oscar night soiree
it is for me a very elaborate way
That my peers have found a way to agree
that they could show their approval of me
Now it is my turn give a good word for each of them
Each in her own way a priceless gem.

Beth raps a mean gavel, and Marie won’t let us dwell
on issues irrelevant or we're sure to catch h--------heck
Ruth leads us in prayer as we meditate
on our tremendous blessings, both small and some great
Kathy takes minutes and prays that they will be right
Making corrections really gives her a terrible fright.
Pat the treasurer reports what’s in the coffer,
Then she asks, “Do you have any bills to proffer?”
Fran sets the table with goodies and puts on the coffee,
while Pat G, we find, may be tiny but she is no softie.
Diane always has about her that air of grace
and Mary is so friendly it’s hard to keep a straight face.
When she counts money from raffles she’s in seventh heaven
Then Beth will announce “Hurry up you guys, it half past eleven!

Jeannie sends out cards and keeps track of the split the pot
Soon Jeanette announces, more often than not,
The duties of her office, the letters and newsletters are in the mail.
She says she can’t help it if the Post Office is slow as a snail.
There is one among us, her name is Pat Hoy
whose goodies and boutique creations have given much joy.
Maggie tended to the Holy Family who is displayed for all to see
at the downtown Cascade Plaza–admission is free!

Greater Akron’s First Friday Club, Dorothy is quick to remind us,
Gives us food for thought for issues we are likely to discuss.
Susie has held every office, but the presidency she always declines,
but she is Susie-on-the-spot in Summit Regional’s grand design.
Carolyn, with her spiritual grace, to social issues calls attention,
and Sister Elaine’s love for us all is beyond comprehension.
Sandi with her encouraging smile
gives meaning to the phrase, “That lady has style.”
Juli was in the wings this year
Making sure Respect Life Dinner would come off in high gear.
And Fr. Schindler is not as nice as you think,
when I asked if he’d say something nice about me,
he said he’d first need a drink.

When they write my epitaph,
right next to my touched-up photograph,
This what I wish they’d say:
she loved honored and obeyed
To her children she was a role model
though her man she was inclined to coddle
Upon many roads to God she trod
aware that He saw right through her facade.
She was a friend, she was a mentor
when there was conflict she was at the center.
Not an intellectual but intelligent
in charity she’d give her very last cent
She was no mahatma, but maybe a sage
given that she lived to a ripe old age.


By Evelyn McCusker (
on the occasion of receiving the Woman of the Year Award
of Summit Regional Council of NCCW, December 7, 2004

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