Making a snowman with the first winter flakes
Slushing from the bus line, home, dinner to make
Sittin' round Saturday morning with fresh coffee cake,
How does a cup of cocoa sound?

Your child calls home crying, at it's 10:00 at night,
He lives far away, your nerves are afright,
Take care of him, Lord, we raised him right,
How does a cup of cocoa sound?

You're reading a book with Ludlum intrigue,
Been planting all day a new garden with seed,
Your bones hurt in places you really don't need.
How does a cup of cocoa sound?

Tossing and turning when you can't go to sleep,
Early morning appointments you've got to keep,
Thoughts racing round, nightmares come to creep,
How does a cup of cocoa sound?

Cocoa has substance like no coffee or tea
To warm your heart while you rest, you see,
Its richness, its aroma, its texture of cream,
How does a cup of cocoa sound?

The lowly cup of cocoa that starts in the tropics
Keeps a place of its own in our subconscious optics
That see it steaming breaking through the veil,
Of unsweet things we know all too well.

~ Norma (

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