Grumpy Grady, he acted shady.
And never showed a smile.
Grinning Gladys was his lady,
Followed him all the while.

The beach, it was her favorite place.
The sun, the sand and the breeze.
If Grady went, it was with ill grace.
He sat, complaining, in the trees.

Gladys swam and built sand castles.
Grady grumped and snarled and moaned.
Nagged Gladys about the hassles,
"My whole day wasted." he groaned.

Then he noticed on the beach
A guy with a metal detector, walking.
Small sand mounds, he stopped by each.
And Grady watched him stalking.

From one he pulled a shiny ring
At another there was a bracelet.
Grady called, "What is that thing?"
"Can you keep whatever you get?"

Now Gladys grins throughout the day,
And Grady's not as much a grump.
She's still at the beach to play,
While he's mining at the city dump.


~ Swampetta (

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