It had snowed the whole night before,
And the ground was coated in white.
The little girl ran from her door,
Gazing all around in delight.

Her father joined her in the yard,
Knowing he’d be shoveling snow.
On his aching back that was hard,
But at least now grass wouldn’t grow.

His daughter rolled snow in her hand,
Considering the little ball.
Seemed just yesterday leaves did land
All wearing the colors of fall.

In wonder, the girl looked around,
While her father smiled at her glee.
He threw the shovel to the ground,
Saying, “Give that snowball to me."

Dropping to his knees, he began
To roll the ball to larger size,
While behind him the small girl ran,
Waiting for her father’s surprise.

When the first ball reached to her head,
He started in to roll one more.
By now her cheeks were glowing red,
Despite the heavy clothes she wore.

Finally, the snowman was done,
With pebbles for eyes, mouth and nose,
Soon to vanish in the noon sun,
As higher in the sky it rose.

During the night, temperatures rose,
And, when the girl greeted the dawn,
She saw near where Mom's garden grows,
Patches of the grassy front lawn.

The girl recalled her Dad’s labor,
And was rather disappointed.
She was heard to tell a neighbor,
“It’s buried right there.” She pointed.

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