The cosmic circular dance was about to begin.
Everything that was old seemed new again.
Clasping hourglass and scythe, Time’s Wizard
Cut the ribbon to 2003 in a freezing blizzard
At the strike of midnight, we let the Old Year go
As we stole one last kiss under the mistletoe.
At home arctic winds howled through barren, leafless trees
While our troops were awaiting, across the seas,
Orders for their mission, to end the terrorist reign
And bring to justice a dictator named Hussein.

By satellite and photography,
We’ve had lessons in the geography
Of the land of a Thousand and One Arabian Nights,
Where Aladdin’s carpet over Bagdad made his flights
And of the land where the Three Kings navigated a star.
To honor the Child King, they “traveled afar.”
In Mid-March, it was “bombs away.” With savoir-faire
Bombs hit their targets from high in the air.
A sand-blown phalanx braked for camels. It was bizarre.
In an unremitting Reality Show, we were off to war.

The grand rondeau of the cosmos, while hypnotic,
Was choreographed with the galaxies and not chaotic.
The subtle shift of each season pulsed with its own energy,
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter now have the synergy
Of a tapestry which demonstrates and visibly makes clear
The circumstances surrounding events of the year.
It’s been a year of soul searching, not always pain free
We wept over seven lives ended in Columbia’s debris.
We’ve struggled with memories and failings of our own
And now ask, “Have I diminished or have I grown?”

“O Radiant Dawn, splendor of eternal light,”
You have abided with us through the longest night.
We now search the sky for the Bethlehem Star.
Let it shine on us, and keep safe our troops afar.
Christmas Eve nears, the last O Antiphon is sung.
O Emmanuel, our King we beseech you, “Come!”
Though busy balancing secular and sacred activity,
Strive to remember His birthday, the Nativity.
The angels and shepherds will lead us the way
To the Christ Child’s cradle, lined with hay.

  © Evelyn (

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