We walked to school side by side.
It mattered not that we would slip and slide.

Our skirts were short and our legs were bare;
We walked fast as if we didn't care.

Two below zero and our breath you could see.
We walked together to school, Ila and me.

Sleet and snow, rain and shine.
For summer we often did pine.

Saturday brought welcome relief from winter's blast.
We played in the house and tried to make it last.

Coloring books, view masters and pretend play,
made us happy and content the live long day.

Winter often brought colds and flu.
We stayed in bed with Vicks and tried not to be blue.

We listened to the radio on the beside table.
We didn't have TV, not even cable.

One Man's Family and The Shadow Knows,
Arthur Godfrey and others passed the time.
We listened as Gang Busters, solved some crime.

Mittens, snowmen, and icy streets.
Filled our days and made them complete.

Those were the days, back in the fifties,
When children entertained themselves and thought it was nifty.

Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)

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